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Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Big Fish in a Little Sea or Tonka's Kind of Famous

Tonight I took Tonka on a walk around our neighborhood and along the way we stopped and played fetch for a while in a field by a school.  As we continued on our walk we encountered a lady walking her boxer.  This person had met Tonka a few weeks earlier and commented on how much Tonka has grown.  I told her that next Sunday Tonka will be leaving and going to his new home and she commented that she had heard at the local Petco that Tonka was going to New Jersey to live.  I was surprised she knew this, but apparently she had been talking to an employee at Petco who had met Tonka at the adoption fair and they found that they both knew Tonka and had discussed his adoption and future home.  It's really impressive how many people have come to know Tonka in the time he's been in our home and we've loved sharing him with so many people.

Further along our walk Tonka found a very long stick that he decided he could not live without.  The stick must have been close to 4 feet long and had to be heavy, but he picked it up and worked so hard to carry it up the hill where we were walking, even holding his head up very high to keep it from dragging too much.  It's amazing to watch the effort this little dogs puts into his "work" and how serious he can be about getting what he wants.  He carried the stick all the way to our yard, where I added it to the pile of sticks we have been cleaning up in the yard from the storms of the past week.  Tonka was disappointed to have to give it up.  There is a small collection of pine cones and little sticks on our porch that we've made Tonka relinquish before he enters the house.

This is our last week with Tonka and I think it will be a quiet one for several reasons, but we'll enjoy the time we have left with this silly puppy.

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