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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Super Smart Puppy

Tonka continues to do well, growing and playing and just generally being a happy dog.  We are fortunate not to have many loud fireworks celebrations around our house and so his first 4th of July was a calm, easy experience.

This morning, though, Tonka did a rather amazing thing that I want to share.  Most mornings, schedule permitting, Tonka has free time in the house where he can play with his toys or spend time on the couch in the living room.  This morning, part way through that time, he got up off the couch and went into the kitchen, out of my sight.  He reappeared a few seconds later carrying the red leash that I use to take him outside (it was on the floor by his crate).  He jumps up on the couch, with the leash still in his mouth, and sits down and looks at me.  So I put on my shoes and put the leash on him and take him outside, where he proceeds to pee and poop.  Up to this point Tonka has not given any indication when he needs to go out, we've just taken him out frequently and he's done very well at not having mistakes in the house.  If this is his indication that he needs to go out, it's pretty clear and shouldn't be missed or misinterpreted by anyone.

Tonka continues to play with my Weim Rocky and it's fun to watch their play as it advances, getting a bit rougher as Tonka grows and also involving more toys in games of keep away.  Rocky even got his favorite glove out of the toy basket and allowed Tonka to chew on it a bit, quite a compliment to Tonka to be given that privilege.

I hear a thunderstorm coming into our area, we'll watch Tonka to see his reaction, but none of the storms here have bothered him to date.  He is really a well-adjusted pup who, up to this time, has shown no fears or problems.


  1. any updates on his adoption? i am very interested! I haven't heard from the tri-state weim rescue yet!

    -Bridget Quint (bridget.quint@temple.edu or bridget.quint@pnc.com)

  2. Bridget,
    I know they're working hard to find the best home for Tonka and have been interviewing quite a few families. I think a decision will be made within the next week to ten days so that Tonka can soon be in his forever home.

  3. Nina, I am glad to hear they are working to fund him the best home, he deserves it! Thank you for the update. We also have contacted them but have heard nothing.

    Thank you and for now I thoroughly enjoy the blog, thank you!!

    Kirsten (Kirsten.Bostrom@gmail.com)

  4. I am not always up to date on the adoption process, even for my fosters, as I'm just a volunteer. I've also been on vacation, so kind of out of the loop. I think we'll hear soon where Tonka will be going and he'll soon be in his forever home.