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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tonka Goes to School!

Last night I decided to take Tonka on another field trip to get him some more experience in new situations and venues and to continue his socialization.  Since I can't really enroll him in a class at this point (he'll be going to his new home July 29th) I took him to a class I used to attend with my dog where dogs at all levels of competition obedience attend, but each dog only does the exercises that he is ready to do.

Luckily, we were welcomed in to join the class and Tonka's fun began.  The class consisted of mostly large dogs, three German shepherds, a Lab and a couple Staffordshire terriers, but there was also a Jack Russell terrier and a dachshund.  Tonka immediately made friends with a male Staffordshire terrier and if they had been allowed they would have engaged in a great time of play, but we were there for class.

I kept Tonka to the side of the class, working his sits and downs and playing with his tug toy and chicken.  He kept his eye on what the other dogs were doing but was willing to continue to listen to me and do his work.  I've been starting him on a bit of heeling and also sitting at my side, rather than in front of me all the time and we also worked on these exercises.

The highlight of Tonka's night was when his friend Marge and her dog DelC arrived to the class.  He was so happy to see his friends and you could tell that DelC was happy to see him.  I think Marge was pleased to see that Tonka's training is continuing and that he remains a very good student.

This evening I took Tonka on a short walk between the rain storms that we're having here.  He continues to be a busy dog and quickly found a stick to carry along the way, and then, when we got to his favorite pine tree he dropped the stick to find a pine cone to carry the rest of the trip.  As he carried the pine cone he also found a walnut attached to a small branch and he managed to pick that up and carry it, never dropping his prized pine cone.  It's not unusual for Tonka to work at carrying two things at a time, be it toys or pine cones and it is a very funny sight to see pine cones poking out both sides of his mouth.

While we walked thunder rumbled in the distance and a few rain drops fell, but Tonka didn't seem to notice and showed no reaction to the sounds he heard.

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