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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Rescue Rant (or how can some people live with themselves)

You call me to ask for help for your 10-year-old Weim you've had since he was a puppy.  You've fallen on hard times and you don't have time for your dog any longer because you're busy visiting and taking care of your son who is in a coma after suffering a traumatic brain injury in an accident.  I understand where you're coming from and offer help.

As I begin to gather information about your dog you tell me he isn't neutered, he hasn't been to a vet in over 5 years, he isn't up to date on his shots and he is limping on one of his legs because there's something wrong with it.  I try not to judge your situation.

You say you'll send me a photo of your dog so that rescue can start to find him a home, you never send it.  You get impatient with the intake person from rescue and give her a difficult time, you're evasive and just downright hard to work with.

You threaten several times to dump your dog at a shelter if he isn't gone soon and you threaten to have him put to sleep.  Then you report that he's had diarrhea for several weeks and is losing weight, but you don't have time and can't afford to take him to a vet.

Rescue offers to pay for a vet visit to see what's wrong with your dog, finds a vet near your home and makes an appointment.  You take the dog to the vet, but are rude with the staff, tell them just to put the dog to sleep and don't even stay with your dog for the visit, you say you'll pick him up at the closing time of the vet's office.

The exam reveals a dog whose ears are so infected that the stench can be smelled from a distance and the ear scope can't even be inserted because of all the gunk built up from years of neglect.  Your dog's nails are so long they have bent under and he has trouble walking.  His liver is so swollen it protrudes from his side.  Since you're not there to speak for your dog the rescue people take it upon themselves to have the tests performed to determine just how bad your dog's situation is and when it's determined that the best course is to put the poor dog out of his misery, you can't even be reached by phone to take part in the decision.

Then you have the nerve to be upset with rescue for doing what you should have done, give your dog the release from the pain and suffering he has been enduring while you ignored him.  This was your family pet, your friend, your companion.  How you could ever get to the point that you could ignore his pain and his needs is beyond me.  Your selfishness and callousness is totally beyond anything I can understand.

I'm sorry for your son and his situation and I'm sorry for your dog and how he was treated, but I no longer have any compassion for you or your situation.  Please never get a pet again, you don't deserve the loyalty or love that they give so freely and willingly.

Rest in peace Blue.


  1. A very hard story for you to tell, but important to share. So sorry for Blue and thank you and TSWR for all you continue to do to help these dogs no matter the situation.

  2. Thank you.... For helping and for understanding our position. Blue sadly is one of the ones we could not male better... He is pain free now but our hearts still ache.