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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fiona Frolics in the Field

Fiona is working hard to take off those extra pounds and get back her girlish figure.  She loves to run and play and I've been taking her to the Washington County Fairgrounds where the parking lot is a very large field that gives her room to have some fun.  Using a 40 foot tracking line, she burns off calories and is getting back in shape.

Fiona wants to make sure everyone sees how pretty she is and she took time to pose for some beauty shots, too.

Being a playful girl, she found some sticks to carry and shows her scenting technique, as well as showing off that lovely, long tail.

Fiona is quickly gaining confidence and now jumps in and out of my SUV with great enthusiasm.  She is a quick learner and loves to cuddle on the couch.  She is doing well meeting strangers and continues to work on not being so mouthy and using her feet to bat at people.  She is scheduled to start a basic obedience class next Friday and in short time she'll be ready to move on to her forever home.

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