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Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Revolving Door At Our House Continues

On Saturday, April 30, Ms. Pearl moved on to her new home, having only stayed with us about 10 days.

We hear that her new family loves her and are quite happy with her -- no surprise to us, as she is such a sweet girl and easy to live with.

While Pearl was with us, I was notified of a blue Weimaraner who was in need of a new home.  I heard he was home alone a lot, as the man he was living with never meant to own a dog, let alone a Weim.  The dog actually belonged to his son, who had moved out into his own place, unable to bring a dog with him.

Arrangements were made to pick Troy up on Saturday, May 7th, and, thankfully, my friend Renee agreed to ride along to keep me company and help in the transfer.  When we arrived at the parking lot of the Mountain View Inn we not only met the man who was turning Troy over to rescue, but also his son, who was there to say goodbye to his dog.  The transfer went well and Troy was a pretty good passenger for the ride home.

When I got him home, Dan and I did our usual ritual of introducing the new dog to Rigby and the house.  Troy was happy to meet Rigby and, although he's a bit thin, he's almost as tall as she is, so they make a good match as playmates.  Rigby let him know his place and made sure he understood who is in charge and who wears the crown in her home.

Troy is 2.5 years old, a neutered male who is full of energy.  I think there's a Border Collie hiding inside this Weimarner's body!  He did a lot of pacing the first few days and I found the only way to get him to take a rest was to put him in the crate, where he'd finally settle and lay down.


When we bring a new dog into the house we put all the dog toys away until we have a chance to see how the dogs are interacting together and then we introduce toys carefully, watching for resource guarding and trying to make sure that playtime is fun for all. 

When we brought out the toys Rigby immediately grabbed up one of her favorite Nylabones.  Troy went for a ball.  Troy found a couple rubber balls that he could chew and play with, and play he did.  We found that the one thing that could really stop Troy's continual pacing was playing fetch.  

Even before I picked Troy up I knew that the rescue had a home lined up for him, so we knew he wouldn't be staying with us too long.  We're making the most of his time with us and so far we've been able clip his nails twice, give him a bath and we're trying to put a bit of weight on him.  We've reintroduced him to the crate, playing some games to encourage him to go in the crate on command and feeding him his meals in the crate.

Troy has loved his trips to run in the field.  He runs with abandon and loves to be outside, experiencing a bit of freedom.  He was introduced to the stream and was ready to jump in.

Almost ready for liftoff with those ears!

Troy meets the stream

The tracks for the local trolley museum run alongside
 the field and Troy got a close-up look at the 
maintenance trolley that came through.

One of the things I enjoy about having a variety of Weims in our home is to see all the different personalties that they each have.  Troy will be very memorable for us, as he's been one of the most energetic Weims we've hosted.  Troy is a happy dog, so full of enthusiasm for everything!  Like Pearl, he wants to be with his chosen person and he's jumped gates to be with me when we're separated.  Also like Pearl, he sleeps in my office while I work.

Rigby and Troy take a nap with Dan on the couch.

Sleeping in my office while I work.

We're looking forward to spending a few more days with Troy before he heads out to his forever home where he'll have plenty of love and room to run.

Troy is a very happy boy!

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