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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We have a new foster pup in our home as of this evening.  We're calling her Fiona and are happy to have her with us.

Here is this 8-month-old Weimaraner pup's story:

Fiona was purchased as a pup by a woman who also owns a shepherd mix.  This poor woman didn't know what she was getting into with a Weim pup and didn't heed her vet's advice to start training the pup right from the start.

My understanding is some health problems ensued for the pup's owner and matters got worse.  The pup spent most of her time in a crate and with not enough exercise and no training she became a "bad" dog.  

According to the owner the pup was drinking large amounts of water and the woman decided that the dog was diabetic.  She took the pup to the vet and told him to put the dog down.

Thank goodness the vet she went to was Dr. Fuller at the Blanchard Valley Veterinary Clinic in Findlay, Ohio and Dr. Fuller refused to kill a healthy pup.  Instead Dr. Fuller took ownership of the pup and one of his vet techs, who just happens to be my cousin, Nancy Dreisbach, contacted me about getting the pup into rescue.

Since there are no Weimaraner rescues in Ohio and the Michigan rescues were pretty full Tri-State Weimaraner Rescue stepped in to help Fiona find her forever home.  Findlay, Ohio is my hometown and so I made the drive over, had a short visit with my parents and picked up Fiona to bring her home.  I will be fostering her until she is ready to go to her new home.

Dr. Fuller and his staff deserve a lot of credit for what they did for this young dog.  Besides saving her life, they took care of her until we could get to Findlay to pick her and Dr. Fuller performed her spay surgery at no charge to the rescue.  The doctor and his staff also found time to take her for walks and give her special attention.  What a great group of people!

Here is Fiona with some of Dr. Fuller's staff, showing that she is full of energy and ready for fun.  Please note that Fiona has a long, undocked tail.

This photo shows Dr. Fuller and his staff with Fiona.  I like this photo because if you look at the three women they are all looking at Fiona with such warmth!

One last photo of Fiona with her friends at the Blanchard Valley Veterinary Clinic.  Thanks again for all you did for this dog!

In my next post I'll tell you more about Fiona and our five-hour drive to Pennsylvania.  For now she's settling in, learning about steps and meeting my dogs.

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