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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Yesterday, bright and early, I dropped Gretchen off at the office of my veterinarian.  After a night of no food and water she was surely wondering what was up.  Poor girl, she had no idea that today was the day for her spay surgery.

I called in the afternoon to see how she was doing and when I could pick her up and the report was that all had gone well, no problems from her heart murmur.

Gretchen came home last evening and seemed to be feeling well, just very unhappy about the Elizabethan collar she had to wear to keep her from licking at her incision.  We moved her into Rocky's crate since it is much bigger than her crate and after some fussing and protesting she took a nap.  Later, while we were watching TV, I took the big cone off her and she slept beside me on the couch.

At bedtime she again protested when we put her cone back on and put her in Rocky's crate for the night.  She did settle in and sleep, although she woke me up two or three times in the night barking about having to wear the cone.

This morning she is bright and happy with all body functions seemingly working appropriately.  She's had the collar off for over 4 hours and has not tried to lick herself, so she is getting some freedom, at least for now.

The way she is trotting around the house, jumping on the couch and playing with her chew toys, Dan and I have decided that they didn't really spay her, it seems impossible that she is so unaffected.

Again, Gretchen proves to be a real trooper and a wonderful dog.  She made more new friends at the vet's office and stole the hearts of a couple of the vet techs!

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